Emilia Zboralska

Emilia Zboralska is a PhD Candidate (ABD), Instructor and SSHRC Doctoral Fellow at Ryerson University. She is also a Research Associate at the Media Innovation Research Lab, and the President of the Independent Web Creators of Canada. Her research critically investigates the realities of entrepreneurship in the emerging, Canadian digital-first storytelling sector and provides the first benchmark analysis of gender and race across key creative roles in Canadian digital series.

Emilia has worn many media hats and has worked on productions for major Canadian broadcasters in a variety of roles and continues to be engaged in storytelling through her production company, King Squared Media. With an eye toward innovation and solving real problems for real users, Emilia is also a strong proponent of design thinking as a problem solving methodology and audience engagement strategy. She has been involved in the delivery of high profile and complex design jams that bring together a wide cross-section of stakeholders to address social, cultural, technical, organizational, and policy challenges.

Emilia is the Interim Director for the Transmedia Zone providing the guidance and strategic direction to ensure the Transmedia Zone remains a leader in innovation and creative experimentation in media and storytelling.