The Transmedia Zone is an incubator for innovation and creative experimentation in media and storytelling. With a focus on emerging platforms and processes, the Transmedia Zone supports projects from students as well as industry members. We put a priority on collaborative cross-disciplinary work, with teams sharing expertise and experience as they take their projects from concept to prototype, and beyond.

Located in the heart of the Faculty of Communication and Design at Ryerson University, the Transmedia Zone provides an entrepreneurial experience for its students and alumni, and an opportunity to connect with those in the community who push the boundaries of content and storytelling. Our staff, an exceptional team of industry leaders and creative practitioners, accepts pitches from prospective residents three times a year (in the winter, summer and fall) and incubates a new cohort for four months at a time.

Residents get access to a co-working environment with dedicated desk space, equipment, facilities and professional mentorship on every aspect of the project. In addition to supporting innovative projects, we facilitate team building, and pair Interns as well as Graduate Level Producers and Project Managers with a project at the start of each cohort. Learn more about how to get involved or apply here!

Our space is also home to an exciting lineup of programming and events that foster and build upon our mandates of design thinking and creative ideation. From Design jams and Hackathons, to Salons, Guest Speakers, Game Nights, and Webseries Meetups, our events are designed to foster a creative space for Toronto’s innovative media community.

The Transmedia Zone is closely affiliated with the Maker Space, the Music Den, and Allan Slaight Radio Institute, and encourages collaborative initiatives with these facilities and communities. The Transmedia Zone is part of Ryerson’s Zone Learning initiative, which includes a network of discipline and sector-focused incubators, including the Digital Media Zone, the Design Fabrication Zone, and the Fashion Zone.


Our mission is to support emerging talent, industry, researchers, artists and students across the university and beyond, through the support of innovative projects and creative endeavors. We strive to provide a collaborative environment that fosters interdisciplinary research and development and that values a process of “observe-build-test-learn” through iterative design practices.

In 2018-19, we are looking to support creators that come from disciplines including film and television, new media, theatre, journalism, architecture, gaming, and fabrication.

Current Areas of Focus include:

  • The Future of Storytelling
    • Evolving Audiences
    • Web Series and Independent Production (ex. podcasts; games; immersive theatre, etc.)
    • Co-creation & the Virtual Studio
    • Training Tomorrow’s Showrunner
  • New Platforms for Narratives
    • Augmented Reality (AR)
    • Virtual Reality (VR)
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Algorithms
  • Innovation in Children’s Programming
  • Innovation in Journalism, Documentary and Factual Media
  • Innovation in Music and Live Entertainment

Additionally, we are interested in supporting projects and initiatives that seek to integrate or explore issues related to:

  • Diversity and women in tech and media,
  • Crowdfunding, indie production & new business models,
  • Privacy by Design,

The Transmedia Zone operates on a sharing economy model, and is committed to diversity, inclusion and supporting new voices and talent.

We are temporarily located on the tenth floor of the 10 Dundas Street East building on level B2.